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Though cinema and soundtracks represent the major uses of surround techniques, its scope of application is broader than that as surround sound permits creation of an audio-environment for all sorts of purposes. Multichannel audio techniques may be used to reproduce contents as varied as music, speech, natural or synthetic sounds for cinema, television , broadcasting, or computers. In terms of music content for example, a live performance may use multichannel techniques in the context of an open-air concert , of a musical theatre or for broadcasting ; [2] for a film specific techniques are adapted to movie theater , or to home (. home cinema systems). [3] [4] The narrative space is also a content that can be enhanced through multichannel techniques. This applies mainly to cinema narratives, for example the speech of the characters of a film , [5] [6] [7] but may also be applied to plays for theatre , to a conference, or to integrate voice-based comments in an archeological site or monument. For example, an exhibition may be enhanced with topical ambient sound of water, birds, train or machine noise. Topical natural sounds may also be used in educational applications. [8] Other fields of application include video game consoles, personal computers and other platforms. [9] [10] [11] [12] In such applications, the content would typically be synthetic noise produced by the computer device in interaction with its user. Significant work has also been done using surround sound for enhanced situation awareness in military and public safety application. [13]

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Various - The Sound Of Obsession : Volume 1Various - The Sound Of Obsession : Volume 1Various - The Sound Of Obsession : Volume 1Various - The Sound Of Obsession : Volume 1

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