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This will be the first Christmas where we actually give gifts to our daughter. For her first Christmas, she was a whopping one month old, so no point. And last year, at all of one year old, she had no clue what was going on and there was still no point in giving her gifts. This year, I think it’ll be fun to watch her open a few presents–all of which I’ve bought used at garage sales over the course of the year.

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I don’t know if there’s an equivalent of “test scores” measuring how well colleges perform, so just use your best judgment. Do you think that modern colleges provide $18,000/year greater value than colleges did in your parents’ day? Would you rather graduate from a modern college, or graduate from a college more like the one your parents went to, plus get a check for $72,000?

Cheepskates, The* Cheepskates - RememberCheepskates, The* Cheepskates - RememberCheepskates, The* Cheepskates - RememberCheepskates, The* Cheepskates - Remember

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